Qblu ESS Two Way Angle Tap

  • Type: Twin Elbow Valve, Handle Controlled
  • Made of: Brass
  • Suitable For: Application Area: Bathroom , Toilet Seat area etc.
  • Wall Mount Installation Type
  • Inclusions: Package includes 1 Two Way Angle Tap, 1 Wall Flanges
  • 7 Days Return Policy

870.00 - Including GST

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Qblu ESS Two Way Angle Tap is  made of high quality solid brass material. These two way angle tap is  installed to regulate two way water supply to flushing cistern and to health faucet. It perform the task of two angle cock taps.

ESS Two Way Angle Tap has 18 micron thickness copper chrome finish. High quality taps are build to resist scratches, corrosion and decay to ensure quality and durability.
ESS Two Way Angle Tap is  easy to install and operate.


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